Nacera® Hybrid
NAcera Polymer
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High Performance Hybrid Ceramic
for permanent restorations.

Nacera® Hybrid is the new CAD/CAM material for chairside or labside milling machines. It is a high performance hybrid ceramic that can be used for aesthetic longterm temporaries or permanent restorations. Since Nacera® Hybrid is like the finest ceramics, it perfectly replicates precise shade matching with a unique translucency and chameleon effect for a lifelike appearance of natural teeth. Nacera® Hybrid comes in Blocks and Discs which can be processed according to your requirements: You create crowns, bridges up to 3 units and inlays, onlays and veneers since there is no firing process required.
Yes: You will gonna be fast and efficient – with Nacera® Hybrid.


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Nacera Hybrid Blocks

Nacera Hybrid Blocks

Nacera Hybrid Blocks for chairside and labside applications are available in two block sizes with "M" and "S". Ready-made Nacera Hybrid restorations can also be adjusted and repaired by the dentist directly in the patient’s mouth using commercially available composite materials. Since individual crowns can be reproduced in detail using CAD/CAM, restorations can also be replaced quickly
and easily.

    Suitable for:

  • check_circleSirona CEREC MC
  • check_circleRoland DWX-4W
  • check_circleRoland DWX-51W
  • check_circleimes-icore
  • check_circlevhf
Nacera Hybrid Discs

Nacera Hybrid Discs

The innovative hybrid ceramic - an efficient laboratory solution, that can be processed wet or dry in all common milling machines. With 15 mm and 20 mm, optimal coverage of all necessary restorations is possible.

Marco Marini

Marco Marini
Laboratorio CPMN 3D, Ascoli Piceno, Italy

For Implant-Constructions we are using more often shock-absorbing materials. Nacera Hybrid feels like Ceramic, looks like Ceramic but is absorbing like a polymer. I am every time surprised and excited about the appearance of hybrid. The fluorescence and reflections under daylight conditions are almost not distinguishable from natural teeth. In our lab CAD/ CAM meets artful craftsmanship and Nacera Hybrid is a permanent feature in our materials inventory. Bravo Nacera!

Oliver Schulz
Dentallabor Solident GmbH, Schwerte, Germany

After simply changing our imes 350 from dry to wet milling, we milled 12 fully anatomical units out of the Nacera Hybrid Disc. We characterized the bridge with composite stains. The result: A functional and high esthetical restoration and the entire team was excited. After insertion the bridge in patients mouth, we saw a ceramic bridge instead a polymer Restoration. We saw an ingenious long time temporary.

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Cerasmart CC 27 15 11 10 17
Cerasmart LC 76 4 0 0 0
Nacera Hybrid CC 16 56 8 0 0
Nacera Hybrid LC 57 23 0 0 0
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